‘Drunk Shopping’ Hits $39.4 Billion


NEW YORK — Americans spent an estimated $39.4 billion on spontaneous shopping purchases after drinking in the past year, according to a recent finder.com “Drunk Shopping” study, topping the $30.43 billion spent the previous year.

An estimated 53.4 million (26 percent) of American adults admit to making a purchase under the influence of alcohol. On average, Americans spent $736 per person on drunk purchases., up from $447.50 the year before.

Food is the most common drunk purchase (52.06 percent), according to the survey, followed by shoes and clothing (43.22 percent) and cigarettes (30.26 percent).

Men an average $870 on drunk purchases, compared to $511 spent by women. Millennials spent the most drunk, dishing out a whopping $1,047, followed by baby boomers ($466) and Gen X ($469).

The full report can be found at www.finder.com/drunk-shopping