Chimay Issues Voluntary Recall


AUSTIN, Texas (PRNewswire) — Belgian brewer Bieres de Chimay and its U.S. importer, Manneken Brussel Imports of Austin, Texas, have issued a voluntary recall of approximately 415 cases of Chimay Grande Reserve Trappist Ale in 750 ml bottles due to the possibility that bottles may spontaneously break, causing a risk of injury from broken glass.

The recalled products were shipped to U.S. distributors and retailers in several states, including Ohio, between Feb. 1 and July 25.

The recall is limited to Chimay Grande Reserve Trappist Ale, identified by its blue label, and is limited to the 750 ml bottles in lots L17-813 and L17-814. Lot numbers are printed on the neck of each bottle in small yellow print.

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