National Dive Bar Day Launched


NORWALK, Conn. (PRNewswire) — A newly created “day” missing from this issue’s editorial on daily designations (“Day-ly Specials Can Drum Up Business”) is National Dive Bar Day.

Launched by Seagram’s 7 Crown to celebrate the “quintessential” dive bar drink, the 7&7, the inaugural National Dive Bar Day is fittingly set for July 7 (7/7). To celebrate the launch of National Dive Bar Day, which is officially recognized by the National Day Calendar, the brand is hosting a series of seven events in dive bars across the country.

Additionally, Seagram’s 7 Crown is donating $25,000 to the National Trust for Historic Preservation to support the recognition of historic dive bars across the U.S.

“Dive Bars have served our communities without pretense for decades and they, along with those who work there, deserve a day of celebration,” said Jason Sorley, brand director of Seagram’s 7 Crown. “We’re thrilled to support the National Trust for Historic Preservation to ensure these beloved places continue to thrive in the towns and cities across the U.S.”